Our Company

Established in 2015, Super Hots Canada Food and Plants is a small company dedicated to growing some of the hottest chiles in the world - here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Following my passion for spicy food, and even more - my discovered love of growing pepper plants, I realized early on that I wanted to share that love with others. While my love for growing means I would do this with or without operating as a business, my ambitions to grow more plants and more varieties with each year that passes necessitates that if I want to keep on that path I'll need someday balance out the expenses that come with that task.

To date, this is still - literally - a backyard operation, and I currently grow between 75 to 200 plants per year. With a few repeat customers each year, and based on own favorites, I make a point of growing one or two same varieties year after year while switching up the rest of my grow list options each season.

As such a small operation I continue to explore to try and find my grove and what it is that I want this business to become if ever I am able to ramp it up to become something much more. I continue to aim to refine my skills and efficiency with growing, testing out new & different varieties, developing my own crossbreeds, and exploring our potential products and how to spread the word.

While many growers are experienced with formulating their own soils and feeds, my preference as time has progressed has become to make use of the ProMix line of products. I have experienced healthy results from the use of ProMix BX soil, along with their multi-purpose and tomato feeds. To handle pests, I prefer to avoid anything that will potentially cause harm to my plants or anything beyond the pests. To this end, the most I venture to use is Dawn dish soap diluted in water, followed by rinsing the plants. I have been fortunate in that the only major pest I have encountered over the years has been aphids - which the soap mix easily handles.