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Online Shop is Now Live!

Published: December 17, 2021

It has taken a lot of work and patience, but we have now setup an online shop - hosted by Square - to sell a small selection of seeds.

These seeds were harvested, dried, and packaged from the peppers we have grown in the past year in our greenhouses.

The inventory count before the launch of our shop is shown in the image below:

You can visit our brand new shop here:


A Brand New Start : A Brand New Website!

Published: June 8, 2021

To all those past and new visitors to this website - welcome!

This website was originally launched in 2016 with a full-fledged online shop that I had spent months developing from scratch. Alas, over the years the shop was never used and the inventory I had listed quickly became outdated and inaccurate. As a small, backyard operation I have came to realize over the years I currently do not need something so lofty and I began shifting my focus towards connecting with customers one-on-one over Facebook, Twitter, and in-person.

With that in mind, I have completely revamped the website with an aim on putting emphasis on informing you about what this company is about and keeping you informed of the progress as years go by, moving forward.

Also, a strong part of my push to rebuild the website has been to incorporate the current company logo, which I actually redesigned several years ago and have used on my business cards and social media ever since.

I hope you enjoy what you see here and if you have any questions, please do head on over to the "Contact" page and reach out using one of the options listed there!