Shop FAQs

This page will hopefully answer most common questions people may have regarding our shop and checkout process. If you have any questions about the process that you will would be a good fit for this page, please let us know.

Where are our products available?

Currently, we only sell and ship to addresses within Canada through our online shop. In the future we hope to someday expand to include additional markets, such as the United States and beyond. Our products are also available to anyone who encounters us in person in our local area (Pictou County, Nova Scotia) or elsewhere.

What payment methods do we provide to our customers?

At the moment we offer the following payment methods through our online shop:
This is the default option when going through our checkout. Square will accept most brands of credit card available in Canada, as well as some outside of Canada. While it cannot process debit or INTERAC cards, it is able to accept Visa co-branded debit cards.

Payments received using this methods are processed the most quickly during regular business days (Monday-Friday), allowing us to more quickly process orders.

This is one of the most population options found on so many websites around the world. You can pay using your credit card or using your bank account. No PayPal account is required to process your payment in most cases.

While this option is trusted by many, payments received through this method take some time to transfer.

INTERAC e-Transfer
This method requires a bit more work on the part of the customer. Using INTERAC e-Transfer you can sign into your online banking to send payments through emails to others. Most banks within Canada provide this option and you can find a full list of availability here.

Emails sent using this option typically take around half an hour to arrive, making it quick and easy to process your payment.

* For direct sales (in person) we also accept cash payments.

How are orders shipped?

We currently use Canada Post for shipping most of our products. Some exceptions to this rule may apply, such as some merchandise we may offer. In these cases, if the merchandise is produced locally we may ship the items ourselves or have the maker ship them on our behalf. For items produced by other vendors (such as online businesses), they will likely be shipped using the options provided by them.

How is the shipping cost calculated?

Our shipping is determined by the type of products included in your order and the rates offered by Canada Post.
  • Seed Packs and Chile Powders
    For orders that include only seed packs or chile powders (which we currently sell in half ounce quantities) we apply a rate of $2.00 per order. The exceptions to this are:
    • If you order five (5) or more of either product type.
    • If you order fresh or dried peppers on the same order (see below).
  • Dried Peppers
    Our chile peppers are dried using a dehydrator, reducing the size of the pods and making them more compact. Due to this, they are able to be packaged in bags and shipped in large envelopes through regular mail. To keep the cost of shipping low, we apply a minimum rate of $3.00 per order, and a maximum of $5.00 per order - depending upon how many items of this type are in the order.
  • Fresh Peppers
    Because the chile peppers we grow may come in different shapes and sizes these products will be shipped in boxes that may come in varying sizes. Due to the high cost of shipping boxes through Canada Post any fresh peppers we have will be special order.

    This means that customers may send in inquiries as to what we have available and how much they would like to order - if any. Using these details we will do our best to calculate the shipping rate through Canada Post, provide you with a quote and then setup a payment arrangement (if you chose to order).

  • Merchandise
    The merchandise we offer for sale on our website may have different shipping policies applied to it depending on how and where it is shipped from. Some items may be produced locally, while others may be produced & shipped by online vendors. Due to this, each item of this type may have a different shipping cost and expected delivery time period.

Expected delivery times?

Orders placed on our website may have varying delivery times depending upon the types of products included in the orders.
  • Any merchandise items included in an order that are not shipped from our location (i.e. those produced and shipped by online vendors) will have delivery periods set by the vendor. We will make an effort to give reasonably accurate delivery times, where possible.
  • Orders having only seed packs and/or chile powders will be shipped using regular mail and can be expected to arrive within 2-4 days depending on how far they are shipped.
  • Orders having fresh and/or dried peppers will be shipped within three (3) days.
* These estimated delivery times are based on Canada Post's delivery periods, except for merchandise items that are shipped by vendors.

Product supplies and availability?

Products listed on our website are subject to change without prior notice. If you place an order and we are unable to fulfill your order we will attempt to find a resolution to meet your needs. This means that we will either refund your order (partial or full), or will contact you to possible replace the missing items with others of equal value.