Our History

Super Hots Canada has been founded, and is operated, by Mark Riggs.

My first real taste for the world of spicy foods was given to me in my mid-twenties by my brother when on a visit to Halifax he took me to a restaurant (that sadly no longer exists) called the Taj Mahal. An authentic Indian restaurant where he ordered the hottest plate on their menu and I followed suit because I, quite frankly, had no clue what else to order. The curry dish was amazing and their specialty flat bread was incredible, but I quickly decided that I didn't find it all that hot. Despite my brother's protest that I take it slow and not rush into adding too many condiments that would add to the potency of the dish, I went ahead and had the waiter bring them on - one was a green sauce and another a blue-shaded sauce. When this wasn't enough, when I was still being impatient (and simply not cluing in that the heat had already hit and was clouding my judgement), I had the waiter bring on the hottest they had - a chile paste/pits of chile peppers - with which I proceeded to ignore the cautionary "Only add a tiny bit to your plate!" from both the waiter and my brother. Finally, I was truly burning to the point it was five minutes between bites and my food was cold - but I absolutely loved the experience.

Following that event I found my love for Indian curry, which steadily grew over the years and encouraged me to be open to trying out even more cuisine along the way, including Thai curry, Sushi and other cultural dishes. All along the way, my interest in the heat has grown and along the way I found ways to test my tolerance - first with Subway & their JalapeƱo & banana peppers, and later with Jungle Jim's (http://junglejims.ca/) offering of "Insanity Sauce". But it wasn't until I began discovering YouTube videos of people daring to eat whole Bhut Jolokia ("Ghost Peppers") pods that I really began to find my interest in chile peppers.

From that time on I began exploring online to learn what I could, which led me to discover, naturally, the Carolina Reaper and from there the past record holders. The tipping point that changed my interest into my love of hot peppers came when a local Atlantic SuperStore began carrying packs of hot peppers that included the Naga Jolokia. That first day I found them I was so excited to finally have my hands on Ghost Peppers (and admittedly thinking that there was a good chance they might not be genuine) that I was too impatient to wait till I got home. So at a friend's place I bit into a whole one, chewed it up and swallowed and thought nothing of it - until about three minutes later when the heat crept up and hit like a freight train!

It wasn't long after that I decided I wanted to take the seeds from those pods and try my hand at growing my own. And around that same time is when I started to discover online vendors and - most importantly - I discovered The Hot Pepper forum which, since then, has been an invaluable resource for learning and meeting others in the community.